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Inspired by patchworks, Sukkerbitens new identity reflects it's joint operation and all the different kinds of people it brings together. As 5 different club & café institutions from around Oslo run the bar, the audience of Sukkerbiten, located right next to Oslo Opera House, changes throughout the opening season.

Made in its entirety by me. Exam at Westerdals 2013.

The website has been stripped of all unecessary information, telling the visitor where it is located, the opening hours (including a realtime status box, since it's opening hours depends on the weather), menus, quotes describing the bar as well as some images that describes the mood. The website utilizes jQuery UI, allowing the user to create their own patchwork using the content of the site

Posters created as part of the wayfiding uses photochromatic ink, to emphasize the fact that Sukkerbiten is closed when the weather is bad.
A certain amount of UV rays are required for the map and information to be revealed.