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Sound & Vision+

Poster project in which we were asked to visualize "DNA" by Ryuichi Sakamoto and "Third Time" by A Saner Lynch

Ryuichi Sakamoto — DNA breakdown

This song gave me a feeling of what can best described as a sad, yet beautiful lonelyness. I envisioned someone lost on an everlasting trail which I chose to illustrate with a staircase which fades out in the distance.

A Saner Lynch — Third Time breakdown

Third Time gave a strong feeling of a dystopian world where everything is machine controlled and generic. Much like the music itself which is digitally created, and consists of many layers, which makes it complex. Yet the layers themselves are rather minimalistic.

With the help of mograph sound effectors, I let the music generate a shape, which I then went ahead and crushed as a representation of the hopeful break in the song.

Made in its entirety by me. Westerdals 2013.