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Northernmost is the result of an 8 week visual research project at Westerdals School of Communication, Oslo Norway. Fall of 2013

The intention of this project was to gain a deeper insight to cognac, both in terms of the product itself and designing for the category. In additions, there has been a few studys of design directions that connect to this category.

In regards to the actual design process, the main idea was to break down the visual language of the category and explore ways to break with the established paradigm of cognac brand design.

The process itself has been a big part of this project, letting the research findings leading the way to the next bit of research, which in turn dictated the design process.

The presentation website is available at For a deeper insight to the research part, feel free to visit the project blog

Single scroll site created as the main presentation form for the project. Part brand and product site, part project information site. Also displayed as part of a short exhibition of the project, along with following process booklets and poster.

The site can be viewed at (very heavy load!). All photography credits belong to photographer Marius Beck Dahle